Friday, November 15, 2013

how to get "opal" nails

One can only read about classic Essie shades, like Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle, for so long until you break down and purchase them. I recently picked up both shades, (happy birthday to me!) and decided to try the famous manicure that is supposed to be Essie (yes, the Essie) Weingarten's favorite, which is two coats of Ballet Slippers, followed by one coat of Mademoiselle.

But... this was my birthday mani, so of course, I couldn't just leave it at that. I decided to add one more Essie shade into the mix. I used:

  • Two coats of Ballet Slippers
  • One coat of Shine of the Times
  • One coat of Mademoiselle

Total magic! I wish I could capture the sparkle in a photo, but I can't do it justice. I think they look just like opals!

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