Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My H.G. BB Cream - Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

I am so excited to talk about this. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite products! So look for more of these in the future. But I'm also just excited to talk about this product. I love this BB cream. I actually just repurchased it. Which is huge for me. I don't think I've ever repurchased a foundation type product before. But I'm done looking for something better! Here's my well-loved tube, with my shiny new one, just waiting to take over!

About a year ago, when BB creams appeared the USA, I was very excited. I read about the concept, and decided it was just what a lazy girl like me needed. Right? Sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-aging, and foundation all in one product? Sign me up! I bought the Garnier BB Cream as soon as it hit the shelves. As soon as I tried it, I hated it. Truely, I hate that stuff. Yuck.

I was so bummed that this miracle concept had not delivered. I thought, if this stuff is so popular in Asia, then they must have something that Garnier does not. So I did a bit of research, and decided to buy an Asian BB cream on eBay. I chose Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++.

I took a chance and bought the lightest color they had. Usually I buy the lightest color of foundation, powder, etc, without a second thought. I am that pale. But there are several pale shade in this line.
I made the right choice. I was thrilled with the color. I realized that I have never had a foundation that was as light as my actual skin before. I could probably find something that matched in a higher end product, but in the drugstores, nothing is actually as light as my skin.

Aside from the color, I love so many things about this product, that I'm not sure where to start. Let's see...
Sunscreen!! As I said, I'm pale. And I have tons of freckles. If anyone needs to apply sunscreen daily, it's me. I have not been so good about this. I try to choose moisturizers with an spf, but that's really not enough. Problem solved! This stuff has an spf of 42! Missha explains in the description that it is not necessary to put on additional sun protection. I can truly tell the difference in my sun exposure if I'm wearing a different product on my face. And my freckles don't lie. Haha, they get darker and more plentiful if I've had much sun on my face. This BB cream really helps prevent that.

Also to do with freckles, it contains a whitening agent. I am not trying to remove my freckles. They are all over me. I could never get rid of them, even if I tried. However, I really don't like when they get super dark and take over my entire face. This really keeps my freckles under control.

Along with sunscreen and whitening, this BB cream contains anti-aging properties. I'm 25. I don't have a lot of aging issues yet. It's tough for me to judge whether this would get rid of wrinkles. I can say that it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. When I apply it, I usually squeeze the amount I want onto the back of my left hand, before applying on my face. Let's just say that the back of my left hand looks / feels nicer than my right. Coincidence?

The coverage of the BB cream is perfect for me. I don't like products that are very sheer. I have redness that I want to cover, occasional spots, and the under eye circles of a mother of a two-year-old. I don't like products that offer full coverage. Because of my aforementioned freckles, full coverage can look cakey and fake on me. This BB cream strikes just the right balance. It covers nicely, but lets my natural skin and freckles show through. It may be made from magic. Here's my before (naked face) and after applying Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream.
( I also added blinc Mascara Amplified,  theBalm® cosmetics InStain® Blush in Swiss Dot, and nude lip gloss)

I like to use my fingers to apply it. This is nicest for me because I don't want a flawless coverage look. (darn freckles) If you do want that look, I would recommend using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, or a Beauty Blender. Either are great.

I always follow it with some powder. Missha recommends it, and I just find that it helps everything to stay in place, and stay matte. Right now, I'm using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Pressed Powder.

Hope this helps you out, and maybe you'll try it too!
Use sunscreen today!

*note: I am not affiliated with Missha. They don't know I exist. I just enjoy their BB cream.*

Friday, July 19, 2013

Birchbox July 2013 - Review / First Impressions

I've mentioned that I love Birchbox, no? I thought it would be fun to share what I receive, and a do mini reviews or first impressions on the items.

This month, I received 5 items. The theme for the month was Suits. Apparently, it's a USA show about a legal firm. In my opinion, it was kind of a non-theme. But the items were great!

I received:

I was really excited to see this in my box! I have been wanting a good eye cream, but I've been too cheap to purchase anything nice. I have a couple drugstore eye creams, but they are actually gel formulas, and not my favorite. This is creamy and rich, doesn't irritate my eyes, and really evens everything out. I think I'll save up some points and purchase it. Also, the packaging for the sample was so cute! I love when the sample packaging is a mini of the actual packaging.

My first impression of this is that I like it, and I think it's working. It's hard to tell with only a few uses how my skin will really do with this. So far, it's not been irritating, or too drying. I don't struggle with acne too much, but in the summer months it can be a bit worse. I've only used one application per day, just like the directions recommend to start. I don't know that I would spend that much on an acne treatment, but I'm sure I'll use the sample up.

This is another product that I really wanted to try! I received the color Swiss Dot, which the website describes as a peach. I would call it a red coral. It's not the color I might have chosen for myself, but I really like it!

The staying power is fantastic! I have worn it for the last week, during 90+ degree days. It looks as nice at the end of the day as when I applied it.

As you can see, this blush is super pigmented. Use a light touch! It's easy to blend out, just be careful not to get too much on your brush.
I'd really like to try Argyle (petal pink) and Houndstooth (mauve) next!

These are very sweet. I received two of the white and grey bobby pins. I'm not much of a hair accessory person, but these are quite subtle, and I plan to use them.

You guys, I have received this sample before. *gasp* I have never had this happen with Birchbox before, but I got a duplicate. I realized it almost right away, and figured I'd send them an email about it soon. Before I got a chance, Birchbox sent me an email. They apologized for the mistake, let me know that I should not be expecting duplicate samples in the future, and gave me 100 Birchbox points to make up for it. What?! I was psyched. I have contacted them before, for small things, and they have always been amazing. For sure, some of the best customer service I have received anywhere. In case you don't know, 100 points = $10 to spend in their store. Yay!

But about the sample... I do like this spray. It makes my hair feel amazing. Soft, shiny, no tangles. The dream. I feel like I can spray this on my hair, brush it out, and wake up with a good hair day. (I tend to shower at night. Working mom that can't get out of the house on time in the morning? Yup.) The only thing that I really, really don't like about this spray is the smell. The product description describes the scent as a "pretty floral scent" with "white freesia, amber, and musk." So my aversion to it may just be a personal preference thing. I wish it came in a different scent that I could like, cause I would be all over that!

All in all, a great box! I'm always excited to get a color cosmetics item, and when I get something that I have actually been shopping for. Are you reading my mind, Birchbox?

Have a great weekend everyone!
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