Monday, March 24, 2014

musings on beauty & motherhood... (and a lot of ellipses... like, a lot)

Being a mother has taught me some new lessons about beauty. Sometimes beauty is...

...rocking 2nd (or 3rd...or 4th) day hair. (headbands & dry shampoo)

...loving the natural look.

...sharing your lip balm.

...polishing little toes.

...wearing very special necklaces. 

...getting messy. 

...and more than anything, remembering that what's on the outside is not nearly as important as what's on the inside. 

When I tell my daughter that her fancy shoes do not make her a lady, but her kind words and actions do... 

When I tell her that she is not a beautiful ballerina because of her tu-tu, but because of her grace and smiling attitude... 

I am also reminding myself of those things. 

I pray to be a good example for her of what is truly important in life, and what will stand the test of time.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Rose Gold Nails - Orly Rage Swatch

rose gold + me = true love

I've been loving this glittery rose-gold polish from Orly. The shade is called Rage. It goes on like a dream, stays on like a dream, and I can't get enough! 

Any other rose gold shades I should try?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

e.l.f. Studio Brow Kit Review - My Best Brows Yet!

Eyebrows. So important, but so easy to overlook. I've been on the hunt for something really fantastic for my brows, and I have found it! I was eyeing some more expensive products, like Benefit Gimme Brow, or the much-hailed Anastasia products. But then I heard about e.l.f. Studio Brow Kit. I figured for $3, it was worth a try.

It comes with a darker shade of pigmented brow wax, a lighter shade of brow powder, and a double ended brush to apply. The brush is not the best thing I have ever used, but it gets the job done. I purchased the shade medium, which I think is perfect for me. 

I have really been loving it! 
One: It's easy. This takes me all of one minute to apply.
Two: It lasts! All day. I feel like my brows look just as nice at 8pm, as they did when I applied at 8am.
Three: The wax actually keeps my brows in place, without feeling stiff. No more brow gel!

Here are my pre- and post-brow photos. Annd...the lighting is different because in between taking these, I was getting my sweet little daughter up, feeding her breakfast, and getting her dressed. #dayinthelife

I am so glad I gave this a try before spending $20+ on a luxury item. Have you ever skipped on a lux item and been glad you avoided the hype (and price tag)? Or was it worth the extra dollars?

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