Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nail Polish Organization - Tips & Tricks

I have a bit of a nail polish problem. At least, my husband thinks so. Haha! This week, I decided to give a little makeover to the drawer where I keep my manicure supplies. My first idea was to label the tops of my nail polish bottles with their colors. I used:

  • small circle punch
  • white labels 
  • package the labels came it (you could use anything you don't mind getting nail polish on)
  • my nail polish

I punched several small circles out of the labels, peeled off the backings, and stuck the just the edge of each circle to the plastic package.

Then I painted each circle with one of my nail polish colors. Some colors will take 2 coats, so wait a few minutes and go over them again. It's worth the extra step. 

So that I didn't mix up the colors, I lined up the bottles in the same order as I painted them.

After they were dry, I gently pressed each colored circle onto the appropriate bottle. I love how they all look coordinated, and I can easily see the colors from above. 

My next step was to clean out my drawer, and rethink my containers. I decided to store everything in my empty birchboxes! I've loved the black and white chevron lining in the last couple of boxes, and this was the perfect opportunity to use them. I decided to divide the polishes by color in the boxes. I love how organized they look now!

Recently, I started using Zoya Remove Plus. The formula is great, but I think the bottle is my favorite part. You flip the cap up, and press a cotton ball down on the lid, until you have the amount you'd like! So nice. I leave that inside the drawer, and keep a glass cup of cotton balls next to it. 

One of the boxes is just for base & top coats, treatments, nail clippers, and other tools. When it's time to switch my nail polish, I can take this box with me, and have everything I need.

I hope you found this helpful, and maybe you'll try labeling your nail polishes! 
Happy Polishing!

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