Friday, September 13, 2013

Fab Fall Fingers - My Favorite Nail Polish for Fall!

I love fall! It feels like fall has finally arrived here in Michigan, and I'm celebrating with some of my favorite nail polishes! These 5 colors are all in my stash, and are my staples for fall. 

I think my very favorite color is Essie's Damsel in a Dress. (How cute is that name?) It's a shimmery deep plumb, and I just can't get enough! 

Next, is Maybelline's Sapphire Siren. It's a deep cobalt blue polish, with no shimmer. It's darker on the nails than it seems in this photo. It reminds me of cobalt blue glass.

Essie's Mink Muffs is a lovely cocoa brown color. I'm not usually a fan of brown nail polish, but this one is so soft and yummy looking. I think it suits my pale skin tone. 

This cream polish looks almost black in indoor lighting. But in the fall sunlight, Zoya's Envy is a beautiful olive-toned green. I think if we could bottle envy, it would look like this.

Last, but not least, is Butter London's Wallis. This is one of the most unusual colors that I own. It's kind of a sheer black, packed with very fine antique gold glitter. You have to see it to believe it.  

Care to share your fall favorites? I'd love to hear them!
Happy Fall!

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