Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer - Stellar & Luna (Swatches!)

After seeing British vloggers rave about these glosses (called Apocalips in the UK), I was thrilled to see them in my own Walgreens. I picked up two shades, Stellar, and Luna.

Luna is a peach/coral color that is more bold in person that it seems in photos. Stellar is a hot coral/pink. So pretty for a statement lip!

(this is one swipe. no building the color!)

They are both super opaque with one swipe. If you love a bold lip, this is for you! The one negative for me is the scent. They have a very strong artificial watermelon-ish scent. I don't mind scents in lip products, but this is very fake smelling, and sickly sweet. The scent does fade after a few minutes, and it won't stop me from wearing these.
Both colors last and last. They fade pretty evenly too. No "ring around the mouth" happening. The gloss wears down after an hour or so, but the color lasts. I actually like the look once it's a bit matte, especially with Luna. I like to blot it with a tissue after putting it on for a matte pop of color that will last 'til lunch!
I won't be purchasing any more colors, but I'll keep using these this summer! Have you tried these? Do you think you'll pick any up?

Happy Tuesday!

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